Master of Forestry (MF)

The MF degree is intended for students wishing to pursue professional careers in the management and policy of forest resources. These professional opportunities include private-sector forest management (for the forest industry or as an independent consulting forester); public-sector forest management (for federal, state, county, or local government); work for US or international non-governmental organizations; and numerous other roles carrying out stewardship, education, ecological research, and policy work.

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Master of Forest Science (MFS)

The Master of Forest Science degree program is designed for students wishing to conduct scientific research that contributes toward basic and applied knowledge in forest-related topics. The degree is intended to provide students a deeper disciplinary focus than the Management degrees (such as the MF), while holding to the core value of the school that students should be allowed flexibility in course selection in order to meet their educational goals. The course of study includes formalized training in the philosophy and practice of science. Training is provided through key courses in combination with extended research. The scientific research required for this degree will be conducted in close collaboration with an environment school faculty advisor. It is therefore expected that each student will identify and work with such an advisor no later than the end of their first semester.

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Current Courses Semester
F&ES 674b: Seminar in Forest Ecosystem Health and Climate Change Spring 2020 only (alternating)
F&ES 683b: Seminar in Tropical Forest Restoration in Human Dominated Landscapes Spring 2020 only (alternating)
F&ES 659b: The Practice of Silviculture: Principles in Applied Forest Ecology (Friday field trips) Spring 2020-2021
F&ES 954a: Management Plans for Protected Areas (includes Friday and Saturday Field trips) Tentative
F&ES 955a,b: Seminar in Research Analysis, Writing and Communication in Forest Ecology Spring & Fall: 2020-2021
F&ES 668b: Field Trips in Forest Resource Management and Silviculture Spring 2020-2021


Doctoral Degree

I always invite inquiries from prospective doctoral students. If you would like to apply, email me (mark.ashton@yale.edu) and please include your CV and a description of your research interests. I strongly recommend you schedule a time to visit the school and meet with me. Also check out the School’s web page for information on the doctoral programs and application procedures and deadlines. If you have further questions about the application to the doctoral program, you can contact the doctoral program office.